Have you ever felt so strongly about something that you felt you needed to shout it from the roof tops? The idea, emotion or thought was so profound that you couldn't help but share it with someone because you knew that other people needed to know about this message…
     Although - telling one person, or even multiple doesn’t seem sufficient. Spoken words can fade into paraphrased memories and become ultimately lost within someone’s mind, so we feel the words need to be more permanent and for the world to see.
     So often we look right past graffiti and don’t take a moment to really take in the messages that are being shared. It’s so strongly condemned that we don't want to affiliate ourselves with it. Though, it is usually the things we overlook that can be the most powerful.

The Photographs on this page are by Christopher Concert...

Words by Michelle Ahmad

Fun Facts about Graffiti Highway
The Graffiti Highway is a very popular location to explore, Located in the Old town of
Cenrailia Pennsylvania. 

Known as Graffiti Highway since2010
It is an old, abandoned section of Route 61